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Essex wedding photographers Picturework Photography Studios have been delivering stellar wedding and portrait photographs to our clients since 1988.

We are able to do this because we realised quite early on that the people who book us are not only looking for something good, they want SPECIAL and are happy to pay us for it.

Our clients want a photography business that understands their needs and the challenges they’ve had to overcome to arrange their portrait shoot or wedding photography.

We are THAT photography business.

We know and understand these challenges because we’ve faced and overcome them ourselves.

Will the children cooperate?

Can they have the date they want?

Can they shoot at the location they want?

What time of day or even what day of the week can we they fix the shoot for?

How much will it cost them and will ‘daddy’ agree it’s money well spent.

What products do they buy from the shoot? An album or wall mounted framed display?

What happens if they need to reschedule?

Would it be best to wait till A B or C loses weight?

Someone wears glasses or braces and hates them.

How should they dress or what should we wear for the shoot?

What happens if ‘Jack’ or ‘Sophie’ throws a strop and won’t ‘behave’?

And so on and so forth.

Below are some details that set us apart. And all you need to know -

A photo shoot with us is all about you. Your needs and requirements matter above all else.

We’ve adapted our services and products to meet that need.

Our experience, creative approach and quality of work will ensure images you and your family will cherish and enjoy for years.

Relaxed poses and a fun experience are what make fantastic wedding or portrait photographs. We’ll help you identify and choose locations, teach you poses that work and have you looking like a model with minimal effort in no time at all.

We have the skills and desire to create images that surpass your expectations.

Call us today on 07747 801 871 (Karen) or 07961 301 258 (Zuki) to discuss your shoot if you want photography that’s distinctive and great fun to make!

Email us or connect with us on Facebook to discuss your wedding photography requirements or book your portrait shoot.